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The future of Accounting is here. Anyone can prepare your tax returns or prepare accounting, but what do your numbers mean? Are you experiencing cash flow problems, considering expanding into new markets, want to do business in other states? These are some of the questions our clients have - we develop a plan for your future. If you are ready for a true partnership and go beyond just filing your taxes please give us a call. We work with companies from 1 to 100 employees - it is time to work with a firm that understands your business.

Here are a few problems facing small business:

1. Inventory valuation 2. Payroll 3. Sales Tax in Multi States 4. HR - Compliance 5. Efficient Accounting System 6. Tax Planning 7. Estimated Payments

If you have questions please call us for a no obligation appointment. More companies are crossing state lines to do business - we can assist with any state questions.

What can a CPA Firm do for your - from Retail to Restaurants to Service Companies we have a number of services than can assist you to make decisions.

Other Services include:

It is time to get a second opinion on your Professional Services. Are your phone calls or e-mails returned the same day? Do you have tax planning throughout the year? Did you receive sticker shock on April 15th? Please call Michael J Dell, CPA for a no obligation consultation: 412-798-3157. Or "Zoom" us for a video conference

Our continuing mission is to serve you with the highest level of expertise and professionalism and to help you succeed in all your financial endeavors.

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